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Compensation for San Bernardino Riders

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help You Seek Justice

If you want to rebuild your life after a motorcycle accident, you will need to recover financial compensation for medical expenses, damage to your bike, lost earnings and other losses you experienced. This is where a San Bernardino motorcycle accident attorney can make a considerable difference. At Pacific Attorney Group, we are here to help injured riders seek justice.

Recovering a fair settlement from an insurance company or seeking a jury award in a personal injury lawsuit can be complex, time-consuming and altogether difficult. You may encounter a claims adjuster who is more interested in protecting his employer's bottom line than helping you. The other driver may try to blame the accident on you. In these and other scenarios, an attorney can protect your legal rights and interests. This can apply to negotiations or courtroom litigation, depending on which approach is necessary to seek the most favorable outcome in your case.

The following types of compensation may be available in a motorcycle accident claim or lawsuit, depending on the severity of injuries and other key factors:

Medical Expenses
Any and all medical bills related to a motorcycle rider's injuries may be included in a settlement or award. This may include hospitalization and emergency medical care, surgical procedures, medication, doctor visits, chiropractic care, medical supplies and even travel expenses to and from medical appointments.

Lost Earnings/Wages
A rider may sustain injuries that keep him or her from working for a time or that impact his or her ability to return to work in the same field or be gainfully employed. In these cases, compensation may be sought for any and all lost earnings, wages and benefits.

Property Damage
Compensation may be awarded for any property that was damaged in a motorcycle accident, including the bike and also a rider's gear, like his or her helmet, jacket, boots and gloves. This equipment can be pricey, and seeking damages for all property can help a rider move on.

Future Injury-Related Expenses
In addition to covering expenses that have already been incurred, compensation may also cover future injury-related expenses. This may include ongoing medical care, physical therapy, in-home care and future loss of earnings. Recovering this compensation is crucial to helping a rider build a secure future.

Emotional Trauma
A motorcycle accident can have a profound psychological impact on a rider, depending on the extent of injury he or she has sustained. Compensation may be available for emotional trauma such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life or, in wrongful death cases, loss of companionship or consortium.

Ask a San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Every case is different, and the value of your motorcycle accident claim will therefore vary. With the resources to investigate your accident and access to professionals in medicine, economics, psychology, accident reconstruction and other applicable fields, a lawyer at Pacific Attorney Group can work to properly assess the worth of your claim. Our team can then pursue a just settlement or award by showing in court or during out-of-court negotiations just what extent of injury and losses you have experienced.

If you are ready to find out what your claim is worth and how to move forward, contact a San Bernardino motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm. Your initial consultation is free and strictly confidential, giving you the opportunity to have your questions answered by a knowledgeable professional who will provide straightforward insight. Call our offices today and take the first step toward justice.


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